Samuel Rísquez, online Spanish teacher

¡Hola! My name’s Samuel and I’m…

  • a Spanish teacher with over 15 years of experiencie.
  • a traveller and a lover of road trips.
  • a polyglot: in addition to Spanish, Catalan and English, I also speak French (B2+), Italian (B1) and some Japanese (A2).

Here are some professional highlights:

  • In addition to my own clients, I also teach at the Instituto Cervantes in London and at Imperial College London.
  • I specialize in teaching grammar and cross-cultural communication strategies to intermediate and advanced learners of Spanish.
  • I’m also a teacher trainer. I currently teach the Grammar course for teachers of Spanish at the Instituto Cervantes in London.
Foto de Samuel
Samuel en el Gran Cañón del Colorado
At the Grand Canyon’s North Rim in 2019

And here are some more personal details:

  • I don’t own a car – and I only got a driver’s licence when I was 30. However, when I’m travelling, I love renting a car and exploring at my own pace. My favourite road trip was in 2019, when I drove 2,000 miles around the Southwestern United States in order to visit the Gran Canyon, Zion National Park and Monument Valley, among many other natural wonders.
  • I’ve lived in Barcelona, California and England, and I’ve spent at least a month of my life in Morocco and Quebec. I’ve lived in London with my husband since 2008.
  • The name of this website, ‘Palomitas de matiz’, is a play on words: «palomitas de maíz» means popcorn, whereas ‘matiz’ means nuance, so a rough translation of the website’s name would be nuanced popcorn. As you can see, it works better in Spanish.