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Congratulations! You’re only a click away from speaking Spanish more fluently.

This is your chance to try my teaching style and see if it works for you.

I’ll assess your level, we’ll discuss your goals and I’ll send you a tailored plan for further lessons.

Would you like to find out more before booking? Then keep reading… 🙂

What does the trial lesson consist of?

This 45-minute trial lesson if your chance to get to know me and try my method first-hand to see if I’m the Spanish teacher you’re looking for.

We’ll discuss your goals and projects, why you’re learning Spanish, and what you feel you need to improve in order to communicate more effectively in Spanish.

This will also be an opportunity for me to get to know you and your interests. This will allow me to adapt our future lessons not only to your language needs, but also to your personal and/or professional interests.

What will we be doing in this trial lesson?

The trial lesson is made up of three stages:

  1. Before the trial lesson, I’ll send you a written level test to help me assess your reading and writing skills, as well as your grammar. You’ll receive this assessment once you’ve picked a date and time for the trial lesson.
  1. During the trial lesson, as well as discussing your goals and interests, we’ll work on a series of tasks. The objective is twofold: for you to see how I work, and for me to assess your speaking and listening skills in Spanish.
  1. After the trial lesson, based on your test and our discussion, I’ll send you a tailored plan for future lessons – for us to follow if you decide to study with me.

Is this trial lesson for you?

This free trial lesson is ideal for you if you identify with one of more of these:

  • You have a clear reason for wanting to study Spanish, and one or more specific objectives that will motivate you to study.
  • You’re looking for a teacher who will understand your needs and difficulties and will be able to propose a tailored plan based on your goals.
  • You enjoy lessons where there’s a good balance between grammar and conversation in a relaxed – yet structured – environment.
  • You wish to learn communication strategies to survive in multicultural contexts in which you’ll need to speak Spanish.

In summary

After this 45-minute free trial lesson you will:

  • Have a better idea of your current Spanish level.
  • Receive a tailored plan based on your needs, goals and interests.
  • Know whether my method and teaching style suits your personality and learning style.

Would you like to book your free trial Spanish lesson?

Glad to hear that! Please click on the blue button in order to see my availability. After you choose a date and time that suits you, you’ll get a chance to tell me a bit about your current level and goals, which will help me adapt our trial lesson to your specific needs.

Once I receive your booking request and information, I’ll send you:

  • A written level assessment.
  • A Zoom link for our lesson.

Talk to you soon! 🙂